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News for Students

For Vocational/Trade School Students

Black Studies Degree Careers

  • Journalism

  • Writer

  • Consultant

  • Business Owner/Manager

  • Community Outreach/Developer

  • Public Relations

  • Historian

  • Social Worker

  • Teacher/Private teacher

  • Linguist

Most Profitable careers for African American Studies:

1. Business owner

2. Literature

3. Marketing (Influencer for Black Businesses)

List of Strengths and Weaknesses

This list of strengths and weaknesses helps you to recognize those that apply to you. Know how to present these employee strengths and weaknesses in the best way when answering interview questions.

Identify your top transferable competencies from your previous work and life experience and provide the right answer to the frequently asked interview question "What are your strengths?" Read More...

Careers in Need of Black Workers
​1. Cloud Engineer
2.Software Developer
3. UX Designer
4. Marketing Manager
5. Social Media Manager 

Event News: (Entertainment and Event Staffing)

 For events around Columbus and event staffing. Call 614-779-3665 for promo/QR code. 

Pay Opportunities

  1. Videography and Photography opps                                                6. Cleaning Services

  2. Sports events: Utility people                                                                   7. Influencer Opportunities

  3. Market Research: Taste Opportunities/Product Testing        8. Tournament Volunteering

  4. Podcasting                                                                                                         9. Hospital Services

  5. City Events: Paid Volunteers


Small Business news

Business Accelerators for Small Business Start-ups (Columbus)

1. OSU African American Business Accelerator

2. Ace

3. Central Community Hour

4. Urban League

5. Aventi



Creating the Perfect Remote Internship

The developments in technology have truly changed the workplace as we know it and the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic has truly catapulted this to a whole new level, with the government encouraging employees to work from home.

Interns were also part of this new regulation in early 2020, which forced many companies to create virtual internships for students looking to find work experience placements in their desired fields. Read More...

Implementing an alternating four-day workweek: how & why

When the pandemic hit, we at Service Direct, like countless other businesses around the world, quickly found ourselves trying to figure out how to get work done from our respective homes. Given the dramatic toll that the pandemic took on nearly every part of life, we wanted to find a way to squeeze a little bit of good out of this new working arrangement. Read More...

Nurturing Your Employees Mental Health Leads to Increased Engagement

When you work in human resources (HR), you wear a lot of hats. You’re both entrepreneur and coach, teacher and cheerleader, psychologist and fortune-teller. You have to select the right employees, and you have to formulate strategies that will promote not only their success but the success of the organization as a whole.  Read More...

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