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All the information on is done in good faith. This is a freelance information and business news website for college students, with the intention to assists the student’s financial state. We will not share a member’s personal information with any other members on the site. If a member spreads opportunities they received thru College Opps voluntarily; we do not hold ourselves accountable to other members, or liable for any information spread.


The information on this website is exclusive for its members, and should not be used or shared with other parties. We are not liable for a company’s job availability, damages, or payments made for work completed.

College Opps strives to map out career plans for students, find freelance opportunities, and look for professionals to give consultation.


We will monitor every business venture the student takes on. It is the duty of this company to work as the middlemen for students: However; we are not liable for students' lack of effort towards resources offered. We offer free trials, business news, and help for students who become members. In this way, the students will get an understanding on how the business is ran.

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