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We refer students and recent grads to freelance opportunities, simple tasks for money, and paid volunteer opportunities to make the working environment easier and more convenient for college students in Columbus, Ohio.

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We find simple tasks and opportunities to make the working environment easier and more convenient for college students. We strive to make it so that college students will earn as much as individuals in the workforce while building their career goals along the way. We will work to allow college students and graduates explore new opportunities that are simple and rewarding.


For information about this website contact us on our message page; or at 614-779-3665.


Sign up for our no-obligation membership for only $30 per month!  A free 14 day trial will be granted to new members, along with freelance opportunities. Set up an account and one of our advisors will reach out to you.

Join discussions for your career goals and receive freelance opportunities that are perfect for your busy schedule. 

Book your first money making opportunity and receive career information. 


My name is Lawrence Williams; founder of College Opps. I have a bachelors in Art and Sciences for African American & African Studies at Ohio State; and an associates degree in Sports & Leisure Studies from Columbus State Community College. I first came up with the idea that the working environment, and career planning accessories should be easier to access for the college student while in work study. Creating flexibility became important to me. Also; there needed to be more up-to-date career information for students and more possible career options be advised. I felt the need to expand on opportunities for both working students; graduates, and creating more career options for myself. I attended business classes in order to further my knowledge to help serve my purpose.

My motivation to help students comes from my experience in work study and having knowledge of struggles after graduation. Work study can be time consuming for the most part with minimal gain financially. I wanted to offer a faster system where students can make more money in a short amount of time. Also; My goal is to bring more options for  Black Studies degrees. I look forward to helping black college students by offering access to opportunities; due to the lack of corporate support or proper planning. I put this website together for easier access to freelance, task jobs, and better career planning for college students and graduates. The purpose of this website is to help students and graduates make quick money, while focusing on career goals.


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Thanks for submitting!

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